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You own the marketing system!

24/7 FastTrack™ is a "closed loop" system that is highly efficient, completely duplicable, and easily affordable. After enrollment, the first step in the process is to convert your marketing system from an expense into an income stream.

Once you have joined our team, focus on the simple formula, "Just tell 4 and pay no more." Do you know anybody who would object to a FREE marketing system, including 3 viral marketing sites, automated sponsoring tools,  120,000 bonus leads each year and their own personal mentor?

Here's what you get with FastTrack PRO:

Bonus Leads - 24/7 FastTrack PRO provides 10,000 monthly networker leads and pays a $75 commission for your personally sponsored 24/7 FastTrack PRO Members. This means that once 4 of your members start using the FastTrack PRO system your membership will become FREE. Teach your team members to do the same thing and their membership will become FREE. Continue this process and you will have hundreds or even THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS EACH RECEIVING FREE BONUS LEADS EACH MONTH.
24/7 FastTrack Mentor - 24/7 assigns a personal mentor to assist you in building your business.  The 24/7 FastTrack mentors are proven leaders in the 24/7 organization.  Each mentor is certified and trained by the 24/7 Core Leadership team. Our mentorship program insures that no member is left behind or orphaned.
24/7 FastTrack Mentor Certification - Once you have sponsored five 24/7 FastTrack PRO members, you are eligible to apply for Mentor certification.  As a Certified Mentor, you can earn an additional $100/mo per Pro member you mentor.  Mentoring can be done individually or in group mentoring sessions.  Mentor ten members, earn an additional $1,000/mo. Mentor 50 members, earn an additional $5,000/mo, etc.  Check with your sponsor for additional qualifications needed for Mentor certification.
24/7 FastTrack Executive Mentor Certification - Once you have sponsored five 24/7 FastTrack PRO members who have each sponsored at least five 24/7 PRO members, you are eligible to apply for Executive Mentor certification.  Certified Executive Mentors are trained by the very top leaders in 24/7.  Their job is to train new Mentors.  As a Certified Executive Mentor, you can earn an additional $150 per mentor you train.  Train 10 Mentors, earn an extra $1,500. Train 20 mentors, earn an extra $3,000, etc. Check with your sponsor for additional qualifications needed for Executive Mentor certification.


24/7 Income Potential

The following chart shows the commissions earned from 24/7 FastTrack PRO, not including the commissions earned from your primary company/companies. 

You can quickly eliminate your marketing expenses on the FastTrack, but wouldn't it be nice to generate another monthly check?  With 24/7 FastTrack, you create massive activity for your primary company and layers of leadership on your team. Our mentoring program virtually guarantees duplication and success, as long as you are persistent and consistent in your efforts.


Cinema 72

Now let's take a look at your income potential when your team duplicates. The best way to visualize the potential of 24/7 FastTrack is to imagine standing on the stage of your very own movie theater ...

Your Cinema 72 Theater has 12 PRO members seated in Row 1 (these are people you personally invited to the show) and 60 PRO members in Row 2 (these 60 people were referred by your 12 members.) This example assumes modest success sponsor 12 members who each sponsor 5 members. This team of 72 highly productive members will create massive activity in your primary business and a HUGE secondary residual income stream.

Isn't It Time You Wrote Your Own Check?


                                  The 24/7 Administration 


   The 24/7 Administration 



For the sake of this example, let's assume that you have qualified as a Certified Mentor and are personally mentoring 7 of your own PRO members and 60 PRO members on your second level.


All of the commissions shown here are earned from 24/7 FastTrack and are in addition to the commissions earned from your primary company. We defy anyone to find another marketing & mentoring system that PAYS YOU over $91,000 a year in secondary residual income with a team of only 72 members. 

As you can see, 24/7 FastTrack
PRO will not only help you explode your primary business ... it will also become a  self-generating secondary income stream in it's own right.


Return On Investment (ROI)

Convert your marketing expenses into a huge, diversified portfolio of residual income streams.  


* There is no set formula for how many members you will mentor and what levels in your organization they will occupy. As a Certified Mentor, you will mentor every member on your team, down to the next certified mentor. The only exception is those members who were assigned to another mentor prior to your certification.

Generating meaningful income requires considerable time, effort, focus and commitment. This is not a get rich quick scheme. 24/7 FastTrack offers a Become Wealthy Permanently Plan. As with any business, there are no guarantees of financial success.

With 24/7 Fast Track, you own your marketing system with the potential of eliminating your marketing costs and earning secondary residual income.  For each PRO member you personally enroll, you earn $75 per month. For each PRO member you mentor you earn an additional $100. By simply focusing on the success of your team, you quickly turn your marketing expenses into a highly profitable income stream.


Cost Overview

  • 24/7 FastTrack Pro System ... only $299.95 per month
  • Internet Domain Names ... $6.99 - $9.99 per year
  • Optional Voice Broadcasting System ... $29.95/month + 4 ˘ a minute 
  • Optional Automatic Enrollment Tools ... varies by company
  • Optional Global Responder System ... $99.95 Setup ... $99.95/month 


Just Tell 4 - Pay No More!!

Typical FastTrack Pro Member - 10,000 leads/month + 4 team members 


Your FREE system!

** With each additional 24/7 FastTrack PRO enrollment on your team, you earn $75 - $175 per month in residual income.  From there, the sky is truly the limit!


The Best Part

Geometric growth for your business!!

With the 24/7 Fast Track system, every lead on your team is like a lead for you. Can you imagine the impact on your business of 70, 700 or even 7,000 team members each receiving 10,000 Bonus Leads a month? The following chart shows the power of the system if everyone simply enrolls one new member each month. 


FREE Bonus Leads For Everyone


* Disclaimer: Your earnings and results are highly dependent on your individual efforts and results. This web page constitutes no guarantees of any income,  whether stated nor implied. Any earnings projections shown on this website are for example and educational purposes only. Actual results will vary according to each individual member's activity. In general, the more you work the plan, the better your results.


With the potential to use 24/7 FastTrack tools and mentoring for FREE, why would anybody use any other system? With the potential to earn a secondary residual income of over $91,000 with a small team of just 72 PRO members, astute networkers are swarming to the FastTrack like bees to honey. Someone is going to profit from this tidal wave. WHY NOT YOU? 



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