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Wednesday, July 11, 2012 About The 24/7 Administration
Networker's Trouble Shooting Guide

Internet Marketing Consultant

How many of you have installed a new tool or piece of equipment and worked from a manual? How many have checked the Trouble Shooting Guide in the back of the manual to find out why it wasn’t working exactly as you hoped? I think probably everybody has at one point or another.  

Here’s something we’d like you to think about … building your network marketing business on the internet is really no different. We are working from a manual, or a success blueprint, as we like to call it. What we are doing is building a Do It Yourself residual income machine. If you follow the step-by-step success formula, you will successfully complete your residual income machine in a reasonable timeframe. Some who throw more time and/or money at the project will do it faster. Those who don’t invest the required time & money will likely take longer to complete their machine.

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So the big question is this … as we’re building this residual income machine, what do we do if it’s not working exactly the way we like? The answer is the same as with any other device or tool that you’re assembling – you go to the instruction manual and you check the Trouble Shooting Guide. Now, anybody who’s ever used a Trouble Shooting Guide knows that they are usually formatted in 2 columns. Column 1 lists the issue and column 2 lists the possible solutions.

At this point, we'd like you to take out a sheet of paper and divide it into 2 columns. At the top of the page draw a line across so you’ve got a big “T” in the middle of your paper. Let’s title the left column as “Issue” and the right column with “Solution.”

       Issue                                                 Solution        

I don’t have enough quality leaders joining my team.    Sponsor more people and interview them for seats on your Board of Directors.
I don’t have enough prospects to talk to. Continue to fill your funnel with suspects.
I don’t have enough people deep into the recruiting process. Target the right audience and/or Improve your posture and/or Stop selling.
I’m sponsoring, but not duplicating as well as I’d like. Choose a system that forces duplication and follow it to the letter.
It’s not building as quickly as I’d like. Put more suspects into your funnel.
I don’t have enough people to put my business in front of. Think outside the box, be creative, & make it happen.
Members are not returning my phone calls. Congratulations, you aren't wasting your time on the wrong people.
My system is not generating automatic enrollments. Target the right audience and/or choose a different system.

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Can you think of any other issues they would like to add to our Trouble Shooting Guide? When you put it down to paper, it really does seem pretty simple. Here’s what it all boils down to: 

  1. Constantly fill your top funnel with highly targeted suspects.
  2. Interview your members/candidates with confidence. Avoid selling at all costs.
  3. Be a postage stamp – Apply yourself and stick with it until you reach your destination.

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Important: If you’re doing all of these things and you haven’t achieved your goals yet, you will … as long as you don’t give up. Someone much wiser than us once said, “Success is more about perspiration than inspiration.” We take that to mean that many, many people are inspired every single day, the ones who succeed actually do something about it.

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