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Thursday, September 15, 2011 About The 24/7 Administration
Is Marketing The Right Thing To Do?

Internet Marketing Consultant

Let me start off by asking you a few questions. Do you truly believe in the network marketing industry? Is the belief in your MLM company rock solid? Do you honestly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can make six figures in this industry ... AND others can too? 

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you truly believe that, then you need to go out and build your business as if you are unjustly depriving people by not doing everything in your power to get the word out. 

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Let me put it this way, let’s say it takes someone a marketing budget of $2,500 to $3,000 over their first year to get their business going ... or let’s be even more conservative. Let’s say this team member joins your business, seriously goes after it and decides to budget $10,000 over the first year for marketing. 

If you believe that your company and this industry will make the right person $100,000 a year in residual income, what is it costing people NOT to do business with you?  

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The answer is a minimum of $90,000 a year!  Not $90,000.  At least $90,000 every single year they do not do business with you.  So, people are effectively being charged $90,000 a year not to work with you. $90,000 they would otherwise have in their pocket. In my mind, that's a crime.  

This is how you MUST look at your business and the opportunity you have to offer people.  If you meet someone and don't tell them about your business, you've just cost them $90,000 a year in residual income. Do you think $90,000 a year offers the potential to change a person's life for the better? We have a duty then to share our knowledge; to do otherwise would be irresponsible.

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If you think that's a strange way to think about it, think about this rather bold statement…

If we have the ability to show the right person how to make $100,000 a year with a $3,000, $5,000 or even a $10,000 investment, and don't tell them about it, we're being selfish. We're literally costing people at least $90,000 a year when we don't share our business information with them. Don't we have a moral obligation to assist the right people in making a six figure income, if we can do it? Isn't it selfish to keep all this abundance to ourselves?

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How is it selfish? We're cheating people out of an extra $90,000 a year in their bank account. All we had to do was speak up and at least offer them the opportunity. What does $90,000 a year mean to certain people? If we don't share the opportunity, we are costing people a great deal of additional enjoyment, retirement income, vacations, freedom, security and time with their family. I don’t know about you, but I consider that selfish.. 

So if you just never thought about it that way before … Start thinking about it that way now. 

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In other words, if you truly believe that your business is the goose that laid the golden egg, then marketing your business becomes a duty. Not spreading the word is irresponsible. And if you don’t believe it, you are either with the wrong company or you just need to get busy and the belief will come. 

I'm not suggesting you fool yourself into believing that your business is the best thing since sliced bread, if you don't. Take some time to think about it and decide what you truly believe. Do you believe in your company? Do you believe in the industry? Do you believe in your team? Do you believe in yourself? 

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Recognize what you can do for others. Think about what real benefit we can offer someone. That is the true motivator. By creating and acknowledging the real benefit that you believe in, you accomplish two things:

First, your feeling of certainty will move you to action. You'll become driven to market yourself, your opportunity, and your product or service ... because it's the right thing to do. 

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Second, you'll be providing something of value that genuinely helps others. And together these two results will create more aggressive marketing. The more people you assist, the more certain you become that you're doing the right thing.

When your marketing message is aligned with your conscience, your motivation for promoting your business won't be held back by hesitation or doubt. When you believe that marketing is simply the right thing to do, you'll do it eagerly, because you know you're genuinely helping people. 

To your success,
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011  
7 Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Business
Would you like to know the big secret to getting lucky and hitting it big in network marketing? Here's the real truth behind the success of every top income earner in the industry your tail off!! 

Working your tail off means doing all the things everyone else won't do, so you can live the life everyone else doesn't have. It means attending ALL of your company and team opportunity and training calls. Working your tail off means finding out who is making it happen and duplicating exactly what they do. It means doing all the repetitive, boring things that breed success over and over and over again until you make it big.

So, what are the things we SHOULD NOT be doing? The following is a list of items we see so many people doing wrong in this industry. If you want to be successful in network marketing you need to consistently work hard and avoid the following 7 pitfalls:

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1. Selling and Presenting Your Business
We see so many people in this industry trying to sell and talk people into joining their business. That might work if we wanted them to buy a refrigerator from us. The problem with selling people into your network marketing business is that they are not making a "buying" decision. They are making a working decision. Your job is not to convince people that your business is a great opportunity. Your job is to find those people who are searching for your opportunity and upon finding it will do something about it. In a nutshell, you are looking for the “get it done and then some” kind of people. 

Utilize your company and team leader's conference calls & websites to do the selling and presenting for you. In simplest terms, let the tools do 90% of the work. That leaves you free to concentrate on the personal part of network marketing ... cultivating relationships, interviewing and choosing the right people.

Never forget that you are looking for serious, motivated, committed people who are ready to do business right now. If you try to sell people, you will end up spending 99% of your time trying to push the wrong people to do the work. The bottom line is, we are in the lifestyle development business, not sales.

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2. Making Income Claims
How many times have you heard how much money the big "Guru" in a network marketing company is making? That may be very well and good, but what does it have to do with how much you will make or how much your prospect will earn with your company? The answer is absolutely nothing. You, your team members and potential prospects could make more or less than the top earner. So, why do so many networkers make income claims when talking to a potential candidate for their business? The answer goes back to Pitfall #1. They are trying to impress and ultimately sell their prospect into the business. 

So, if we shouldn't be making income claims, how do we make sure our prospects have a strong understanding of the income potential of doing business with us? The answer is simple. Instead of telling them how much you or someone else in your company makes, present them with a simple business plan they can understand. For example, if sponsoring 10 who sponsor 10 who sponsor 10, will create a six figure income, then that is your sample business plan. Make sure they understand that once they complete the plan, they will be earning the desired income. 

Always put the focus on what THEY need to do to make money, not what someone else has done. 

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3. Three-Waying Prospects Into Opportunity Calls
It never ceases to amaze us how many network marketers will 3-way a prospect into an opportunity call. Think about it. What message is this sending your prospect? It's simple, desperation. Instead of interviewing and making your prospect qualify for your time, you are again back to Pitfall #1, trying to sell someone on your business. Instead, make the attendance of your conference call a qualifier. 

See it as the same way you would a job interview. If you were interviewing a candidate for the board of directors of your business, would you drive to their house, pick them up and bring them back to your office? Of course you wouldn't. Sounds pretty silly when we put it that way, doesn't it? Your network marketing business is no different. You are the CEO of your company. You only have time to work with a few serious, motivated and dedicated individuals. If they won't take 25-30 minutes to learn about your business, then quite frankly, you don't want them. 

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4. Being Too Enthusiastic
Being excited about your business is a very good thing. However, displaying a bunch of over-the-top excitement during an interview call is going to more than likely turn your prospect off, off, off. If you are too enthusiastic when speaking with them, their first thought will probably be that you're about to pitch them on something. Be confident and excited about what you have to offer, but stay away from words like awesome, incredible, amazing, fantastic, easy, great, "you’re going to love this", etc. 

5. Not Disqualifying
As we said earlier, smart people invest their time in the serious, motivated people who see the vision and are ready to do business now. So, how can we be sure we’re disqualifying the people that aren’t right for our business? One of the most important things you can do is make a list of the qualities you’re looking for and post it in sight of the area you make your phone calls at. At any time you feel like your prospect is not right for the business, simply let them know. Say something like, "I appreciate your time, but this doesn't sound like something that's for you right now. Why don't we keep in touch by email and if something changes you can give me a call." 

Always leave the ball in their court. It's like a game of tennis. Every time they hit the ball back to you, you do the same. Literally – put the ball back into their court. Make them responsible for their actions so you’re spending your time with the right people. Don’t ever hit the ball over the net twice without getting it back first. If you do, you will just burn yourself out. 

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6. Not focusing on people’s pain – Not solving problems
Too many networkers focus only on getting a prospect information about their business, without learning anything about what the prospect is looking for and why. When speaking with prospects, ask exploratory questions that reveal their values, goals & desires. Really listen and care about what they have to say. The more you understand your prospect, the better you can assist them in getting what they want. Focus on how your business can be a solution to the challenges they're facing. They are interested in what joining your business can do for them, not how "great" and "incredible" it is. 

7. Focusing on Details
There are two types of details we are talking about here. The first is the details of your business when talking with prospects. Don't get into long winded discussions about the background of your company. Stop yourself from going on and on about the evolution of the product line or the details of your marketing system. You, of course, want to answer questions. However, the time and place for that is after your prospect has been on a call and read through your website. Once they've done that, answer their questions in a short but informative way. Don't let yourself get side tracked from the topic or over load them with too much information. 

The second type of details we're talking about is the details of planning your work. Want to waste 2 hours? Go into your office for 5 minutes. Leaders focus the bulk of their time on result related activities & delegate out everything else. 90% of your time should be spent on phone calls and training your team members. Organizing your business is considered "busy work" and does not count towards the time you need to put in to be successful. 

To your success,
The 24/7 Administration
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
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