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To be successful in the network marketing industry, you must create 'layers of leadership' within your team. You won't discover too many leaders by chasing after opportunity seekers or family & friends. 'Interviewing' network marketing professionals who have already joined your team is the only surefire way to select your leadership team ... your Board of Directors. On the FastTrack, we only invest our time and energy in those team members who have proven they are serious and willing to go to work!

Once the system has done it's job and generated automatic enrollments in your business, you and your support team take over. Your job is to interview 120-240 candidates each year, with the ultimate goal of locating 8-12 serious leaders to occupy the seats on your Board of Directors. The same process works to fill your leaders' Board of Directors and so on.

The Foundation of Success

Since there is no selling, persuading, or convincing involved, anybody can succeed on the FastTrack. Let's open the hood and take a look at the engine that drives 24/7 FastTrack.

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Who Do We Interview?

Since 24/7 FastTrack creates automatic enrollments, we interview members who have indicated they are interested in building a home-based business. The majority of these members are network marketing professionals. Occasionally, we interview interested people who have requested information about the FastTrack or your home business. There is a very different dynamic to our interaction because we only interview people who have displayed a serious interest in the FastTrack. There is absolutely no cold calling (or rejection) involved.

What Are We Looking For?

On the FastTrack, we only work with serious, dedicated and committed home-business owners. We interview to find people like ourselves ... hardworking individuals who share our vision and passion. We are on a global search for leaders; for people who know what they want out of life and are willing to do whatever it takes (within reason) to get there. If you are interested in making an honest living by assisting others in building their dreams, you may have what if takes. If you also are willing to roll up your sleeves and work your tail off to achieve your goals, you should contact your sponsor to arrange for an interview.  

Why Do We Interview?

We utilize the Interview Process for 3 primary reasons:

1) Candidates receive all the information they need to make an educated and informed business decision about whether 24/7 FastTrack is right for them. The Interview Process includes several steps to ensure that the information is provided in digestible portions.

2) The Interview Process, including homework assignments, helps us to determine if a candidate possesses the qualities we're looking for in our leaders/partners. It is a screening process that allows us to focus our energy and attention on the 'right' people.

3) Because our unique combination of Hi-Tech (the Viral Marketing System does all of the recruiting) and Hi-Touch (The Interview Process and Mentoring create 'Layers of Leadership') is a major paradigm shift for the network marketing industry, The Interview Process allows our candidates to see exactly how we build the business. It is ultimately up to each candidate to decide whether our system (and process) makes sense to them.

What Are YOU Looking For?

Only you can answer that question, but the Interview Process will provide you with all of the necessary information about the FastTrack. You must decide whether our philosophy makes sense, whether you agree with our new paradigm for network marketing, and whether you are looking for a 'Get Rich Quick Scheme' (you won't find it here) or a 'Get Wealthy Permanently Plan.' With 24/7 we don't allow any hype, sensationalism, exaggeration or selling of any kind. You won't find any hard sales techniques, closing skills, or recruiting on the FastTrack.

What Are The Steps in the Interview Process?

The Interview Process has been in development for more than a decade and includes 3 important steps:

1) Attend a Phone Interview with your sponsor and support team. This interview call includes questions about your background, goals, experience, and marketing techniques. Your sponsor will share his/her story so you can get a glimpse of the potential of 24/7 FastTrack.

2) Tune in to a live FastTrack Training Call. These private, invitation-only live calls share the philosophy and flawless logic behind 24/7 FastTrack. Please contact your sponsor to reserve space on one of our calls.

3) Review your own custom Prototype Website and answer 4 important quiz questions. Your sponsor will take the time to create a prototype marketing system for you, as long as you're serious. This step is designed to make sure you understand the foundation of 24/7 FastTrack and includes a financial overview and Return on Investment Analysis.

Summary of the Interview Process ...

    • Interview current members for your Board of Directors
    • We only work with serious, motivated people.
    • Anybody can do it ... always done as 3-way call.
    • Give out a series of homework assignments.
    • NO Selling! NO Convincing! NO Persuading!
    • Naturally creates layers of leadership.
    • No talking anybody into anything.
    • No chasing after anybody.
    • Forces duplication.

If you're ready to build a long-term relationship with a positive team of industry experts, click the banner below to create your own FREE Viral Marketing site. Your sponsor will work with you to make sure that you get all of the support and guidance you deserve.



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