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Personalize Your Marketing!

Voice Broadcasting is extremely efficient and highly effective. Deliver your message, in your own voice, for as little as 4¢ a connected call. Here are just a few examples of how you can use Voice Broadcasting...

  • Contact your leads!

  • Drive traffic to your websites!

  • Welcome and train new team members!

  • Develop a relationship with your website visitors!

  • Invite prospects to the sponsoring conference calls!

  • Encouraging your powerline to upgrade before the cutoff date!

Click on the buttons below to listen to sample voice messages.

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As Simple As 1-2-3

1. Call a toll-free number to record your personal messages. Use our highly effective scripts or create your own. You can record, review and re-record messages 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

2. Link your messages to specific groups for automatic 'trickle campaigns' or deliver a one-time message to a group of prospects or members.

3. Respond to those who contact you. Some will call, some will visit your website, some will even join automatically.


Voice broadcasting allows you to instantly send hundreds or even thousands of personal phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the Internet.  You reach the same people as with any other medium, but they’re hearing YOUR voice on THEIR phone. You’re reaching out to someone in their home, through the same device they use to speak to friends and family. The contact effect is entirely different; more intimate, closer.
Triple your response rates
It's a proven fact that voice broadcasting delivers THREE TIMES the response rates of traditional direct mail.
Easy to use
Simply upload your list, or use the list that is provided with your FastTrack PRO membership. Use our professional written scripts, or use your own. The choice is yours. It's as simple as making a phone call.
Improve your productivity
Don't waste your time making cold calls. Instead, simply follow up on INTERESTED LEADS.
Expand your marketing media
Greatly expand your ability to communicate with your audience in a number of ways... for just pennies a completed call.
No set up fees, no monthly minimums
There are no costly set up fees or minimums call commitments.  There are also no charges for busy or non-answered calls.  Send as many or as few calls as you require.
No hardware or software to buy
All of the hardware and software required is included in the $29.95 monthly fee. Simply record your messages and your ready to roll.
No charge for unsuccessful calls, such as busy or non-answered calls.  You pay only 4¢ a minute for each completed call.
Instant online set up and execution
Create, schedule and launch a full blown call campaign instantly right from your website. With 24/7, voice broadcasting is fast and its easy.
Easy recording options
Record your messages using a toll-free 800 number. Review and re-record as often as you like.

Get Started Today!

Others are selling similar systems for $1,000s. On the FastTrack, you can get started for only $29.95. Click here to get your very own Voice Broadcasting System  Join today and your system can be calling 1,000s of prospects and members to 'virtually' explode your business tomorrow!

Don't delay ... get started today!


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