FastTrack Anti-Spam Policy & Code Of Conduct

The 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing team is a group of like minded individuals who share common goals and vision. We have partnered with stable, ethical companies to form a synergy found nowhere else on the Internet. Our members must adhere to very high standards and a very strict code of conduct:

1. We practice ethical, moral, and responsible marketing.

2. We have a have a 'zero tolerance spam policy.' Global Responder is a permission-based email marketing system. You may not import any leads into Global Responder.

3. We never hype, exaggerate, or sensationalize. We let the facts speak for themselves.

4. Training and supporting our new members is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

5. Everyone who joins 24/7 FastTrack must complete the entire Interview Process and have a clear understanding of:

  • What we do on the FastTrack

  • How we do what we do on the FastTrack.

  • Why we do things the way we do them.

  • What it takes to be successful on the FastTrack.

6. You must adhere to our privacy policy. Subscriber's information is private and confidential and may never be rented or sold to anyone, under any circumstances. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

To join our team, you must agree to abide by our rules and regulations as set forth in a Letter of Understanding (LOU).


Note: We practice responsible marketing and have a 'zero tolerance spam policy.' We require our members to live up to these standards ... with no exceptions and no variations.