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Just a Few Hours a Day!

Following these simple steps will maximize your success with 24/7 Fast Track™.  As long as you are willing to invest a minimum of 15-20 hours per week, and you follow the system to the letter, you will succeed. How quickly you achieve your goals will be determined by the number of leads you funnel through the system and how closely you work with your new team members.

Note: The most important task that you have on a daily basis is to expose your Internet Vending Machine to at least 40 networkers a day. Most of our members do this by using our revolutionary Reverse Marketing System. As long as you are persistent and consistent in doing reverse marketing (or some other form of driving targeted traffic to your sites), new members will be joining your business and requesting more information. 

Creating Prototype Systems
Creating a professional and compelling Prototype system for your candidate is an important step of the Interview Process. These instructions will walk you through the nuts and bolts of setting up the prototype site to sending your candidate their 2nd homework assignment.  Learn more here

24/7 FastTrack For Dummies
Nobody's calling anyone names, but this document/flowchart will walk you through every possible contact you have with Suspects, Prospects, New Members, and Candidates. Learn the difference between each of these categories and how to handle all the situations. This is the answer to every PRO members prayer. Learn more here

Interviewing Candidates
Once you drive traffic to your Internet Vending Machine, your most important activity is contacting your new members (candidates) and getting them started in the Interview Process. The Interview Process will appeal to the "right" people and scare off the "wrong" people very quickly. This step-by-step process will show your candidates how to create massive activity in their primary business using 24/7 FastTrack. Learn more

Quality Control Your System
Technology and the Internet are constantly evolving "moving targets." With things in a constant state of flux and changing so quickly, it is essential that you quality control your system on a regular basis. Follow the simple steps outlined here to maintain peak performance on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Learn more here

Welcoming New Team Members
Add them to the Welcome Email Campaign, add them to the Call Reminders Campaign, and call each new member (with your sponsor) to interview them. Teach those who qualify the exact same system. Click for instructions

Building For Weekly Conferences
The 24/7 Success Formula is as simple as enrolling new members and teaching them to duplicate the process.  Our Weekly 24/7 Conferences are vital tools in creating both enrollments and duplication.  Learn how to promote this important event. Instructions

Supporting Your Team
You can create massive residual income with 24/7 by simply following the system and working with the leaders on your team.  Learn how to build a huge organization through the power of duplication and by simply supporting and coaching your team. Instructions here

3 Way Calls... The Foundation of Your Business
The size of your checks will be directly proportional to the number of 3 way calls that you participate in. To create dynamic growth and duplication Click here for instructions.

Responding to Inquiries From Prospects
The vast majority of your team members will enroll on your website. A few will have some questions for you. Click here to learn how to respond to them.


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