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Your most important responsibility

When a new member joins any of your income streams, including your primary business(es), there are four steps to complete before inviting them to start the Interview Process:

1. Add your new member to the welcome series Welcome Campaign here
2. Remove them from sales campaign
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Send your member a welcome message with Phonevite
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When a new member responds to your Phonevite, schedule a 3-way call with your sponsor (262) 299-5852.

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Pre-Interview Call
 (approx 15 minutes)

When a new member joins your FastTrack business, income streams, or any of the tools, the crucial first step is to place a 3-way call to your new member (candidate) with your sponsor. The sooner you follow-up, the higher the likelihood that the "right people" will take a look at 24/7. Make this call with your sponsor, mentor, team leader, running mate, or friend who has a "success story" to share. 

Start off by welcoming your new member (candidate) to "the team." Let them know that you are interested in assisting them in getting started with [insert 24/7 FastTrack, Empower Network, Stiforp, CloudZow, Solavei, or your primary business here]. Start the process of getting to know them. Ask them about their background, job, where they live, etc. Also ask them about their business ... do they have previous or current networking experience, how long have they been with their primary company, how many people have they sponsored, how big is their team, what type of marketing are they using, how much support they are receiving, etc. This is also a good time to ask them what their income goal (12-18 months from now) is with their home business. Write down all of the information so that you can begin to develop a relationship with your candidate. 

Both you and your sponsor/team leader should tell your candidate about your background & success with 24/7 FastTrack and let them know that you are looking for 10 very committed people to work with. Tell them that you are willing to take the time to teach serious people how to create wealth with the system. Make sure to strongly convey that you will only work with serious, motivated, and committed individuals who share our goals. Ask them if they would like to learn more about 24/7 FastTrack.

Send them to get their Empower Network Blog. After you pre-interview your candidate and you & your sponsor tell your 24/7 stories, send them to get their Blogging System with Empower Network. Explain that the Blogging System serves two primary purposes:

1. It provides traffic and exposure for their primary business.

2. It gives them an additional source of revenue.

Make an appointment to get back together, after they have setup their Blog. This call will be to determine if it makes sense to take the next step in the 24/7 Interview Process. Click on this link to send a confirmation email from your Email Library

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Note: Not all candidates will be right for 24/7. In fact, most of them will not! That is just fine and will not impede your progress in any way. We only expect and need a few FastTrack PRO members to duplicate your success. We work with all serious people.

◊◊ Click here for a Guide To Painting Pictures ◊◊

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