Investment Overview for Joshua Tate

Joshua Wants To Continue the Interview Process 
and Learn More About 24/7 



Subject: => Joshua, The 24/7 Investment Overview & Tools! <=

Hi Joshua :-)

We appreciate all the time you spent evaluating 24/7 FastTrack.
We are delighted to hear that you see the value in the system...
for you and others!

This email includes information about the FastTrack automated
sponsoring tools
and a comprehensive FastTrack Investment
, as an attachment.

As you review this information, keep in mind that the attached
Investment Overview is for a fully automated, fully stocked
Internet Vending Machine
. This gives you some perspective on
all the components that are included with our optimum system.
This system may or may not be for you, but it gives you a good
idea of all that we offer.

Also, please do not get "hung up" on trying to understand all the
details of all of the tools (or slots) in the vending machine. The
links below are provided to give you an idea of what makes up
the slots in the vending machine, in addition to your primary
business(es). By giving your prospects choices, they naturally
choose what appeals to them

The best way to learn more about our unique Internet Vending
is to visit the following sites:

Our TraVerus Website...
TRAVEL is the #1 industry on the Internet, representing almost
40% of Internet sales volume. Some 60% of Web Surfers shopped
for travel services on the internet. Even more amazing, as a Home
Travel Agent, we have access to vacations, trips, upgrades,
commissions, and discounts that are not available to the general

Global Responder...
Global Responderô is the revolutionary Automation Engine
for 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing. It includes professionally designed
landing pages and totally integrated autoresponders. The system
includes 3,000+ emails, 1,000s of cutting-edge features, and
revolutionary "drip marketing" campaigns that make Internet
Marketing painless and lucrative.

Our ProBuilderPlus Website...
Full suite of comprehensive marketing tools under one roof.
ProBuilderPlus offers thousands of dollars worth of the top
tools, training and business software for less than a dollar a
day. This site will allow you to experience the 24/7 Voice
Broadcasting Tools.

Our GDI Landing Page and Follow-up System...
GDI is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (Dot WS)
domain names. The GDI product is an incredible $10 per month
package that includes your own domain name, hosting, email
accounts and web site builder. Be sure to take note of the
total automation of this system as it creates automatic

Our WTPowers Website...
WTPowers is a complete prospecting and follow-up system.
They provide us with tools including: search engine submitter,
landing pages, newsletter builder, ad tracker and much more.
We especially like their dynamic Flash Presentations and
Interview Tools.

Our Success University Website...
Success University provides online training and personal
development from 50 of the top experts in the field. In
addition to the top quality training, this tool provides
automatic enrollments and allows you to earn commissions
on the entire depth of your team.

Be sure to check out all of the sites above, very carefully
review the attached document and we will talk again on
{Day of the week} at {Time}.

As we shared with you earlier, we will be delighted to work
with you if you share our goals, our vision, our commitment
and our dedication.

We look forward to talking with you again.

See you @ the top,
Cindy Weinkauf
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
(715) 675-1727

P.S. Check out our new Internet Marketing Blog ...

Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps
down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.
~ Ayn Rand ~