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24/7 Homework Assignment #1 (FastTrack Training Call)



Subject: => Joshua, Great To Talk With You! <=

Hi Joshua :-)

It was a pleasure speaking with you about Income Stream #1
and your interest in 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing.

If you are serious about earning residual income from home,
the first step in the Interview Process is to attend a 24/7
FastTrack Training Call.

We will meet you on the 24/7 FastTrack Training call at
(Time) on (Day of the Week).

The number for the call is:

(712) 432-1620 Pin 515838#

As discussed, we will need to talk again after the conference
to determine whether it makes sense to take the next step.
We will call you for our scheduled follow-up appointment at
(Time) on (Day of the Week).

We will be delighted to work with you if you share our goals,
our vision, our commitment, and our dedication.

See you @ the top,
Cindy Weinkauf
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
(715) 675-1727

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Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most
people don't recognize them. ~ Ann Landers ~