Email to Joshua Tate

No Time or Too Busy with Primary Business



Subject:  => Joshua, We Wish You All the Best! <=

Hi Joshua :-)

We received your email and will make sure to notify
the additional members of your support team of your

Unfortunately, it appears that you are making your
decision without all of the relevant information. The
primary goal of 24/7 FastTrack is to provide massive,
laser-targeted exposure for Income Stream #1

It's ironic that time with your business is the thing
preventing you from pursuing FastTrack. The fact
that FastTrack provides an exact step-by-step
Success Blueprint means that not only are you able
to plug your reps from Income Stream #1 into a
foolproof system, but you also earn residual income
from the necessary function of training & supporting
your team.

Our typical FastTrack PRO member experiences 120-
240 personal automatic enrollments in their business
each year. Considering the fact that the average
networker sponsors less than 3 new members with
their chosen company, sponsoring is obviously one of
the strong points of our automated system.

Our team is made up of very talented and dedicated
Success Coaches willing to teach anyone who is
serious and demonstrates they shares our goals,
vision and commitment to success.

If you have the desire to earn a substantial residual
income from home and are willing to commit to 24/7
FastTrack for at least 12-18 months, you can count
on similar (or better) results than we have. We will
work as hard for you as you work for yourself. Your
success and our success are intertwined.

Please understand that we have no intention of trying
to change your mind ... we just thought it important
to have all the facts. We hope that you find what
you're looking for.

We wish you all the best!

See you @ the top,
Cindy Weinkauf
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
(715) 675-1727

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You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm
is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With
it, there is accomplishment. Without it there are only alibis.
~ Henry Ford ~