Joshua Tate Has Joined WTPowers

How to add Joshua's WTPowers Username to the FastTrack Site



Subject: => Joshua, how to add the WTPowers Flash Movie to your FastTrack Site! <=

Hi Joshua :-)

Congratulations on your decision to join our 24/7 FastTrack
Team. We are excited to have the opportunity to assist you
in creating massive, laser-targeted exposure for your
home business.

Integrating the WTPowers automated sponsoring tools with
your FastTrack viral marketing sites is a very important first
step. To complete this task, login to the 24/7 Members Area:

=> Enter your username (02byprana) and password to access 
the 24/7 FastTrack backoffice.

=> Click on the "Update Profile" link in the upper right hand
corner of the page.

=> Scroll down and add your WTPowers username to the
field labeled "W.U.N."

=> Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click
the "Submit" button.

Also, please note as you promote your 24/7 website and
sponsor new FastTrack members, some of those members
will automatically join your WTPowers business. Be sure to
save this email to send to all of your FastTrack members
who enroll in your WTPowers business.

Please be sure to contact us after you have completed
this step.

Note: It is important not to send these instructions to
anyone who does not appear in your WTPowers genealogy.
Doing so will negatively impact your residual income.

Once again, welcome to the FastTrack team. We
're here to
assist you.

See you @ the top,
Cindy Weinkauf
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
(715) 675-1727

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less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
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