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Subject: Member's First Name, The Best Investment You'll Ever Make!

Hi Member's First Name :-)

We appreciate all the time you spent evaluating 24/7
MultiMedia Marketing. We are delighted to hear that
you see the value in the system... for you and others!

Let's recap what what we know at this point,
Member's First Name:

1. We know how 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing works.

2. We know why 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing works.

3. We know that it takes an hour or so to set up 24/7 
and about 15 hours a week to run.

4. We know that nearly 100% of the people who commit
to the system for at least 12-18 months are succeeding.

5. We know that anybody can earn $100,000+ in
residual income by making a 12-18 month commitment

6. We know that everybody simply needs to sponsor
four 24/7 Fast Track members to have their system
absolutely FREE for life.

7. We know that you share our desire, vision, and
motivation to succeed.

8. We know that for each personally sponsored 24/7
Fast Track Member you will earn $75 monthly in
addition to your primary income stream.

9. We know that you will need to budget around
$960 for the first month and about $4,500-$7,000
over the first 12 months.

10. We know that there are NO true get rich quick
schemes, we have a get wealthy permanently plan
that works as long as you do.

11. We know that with a very small success rate -
your entire system, will be absolutely FREE FOR LIFE!

12. We know that most people who recognize the
true value in 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing find a way
make the investment to get started. In fact, some
members who couldn't borrow the money raised the
funds by holding a garage sale!

The final thing that we know for sure, Member's First Name,
is that you can succeed with 24/7 and our team! If
you are serious about building a 6 figure income
and money is truly the only obstacle, let's put our
heads together, get creative, and come up with

See you @ the top,
Joshua Tate
24/7 MultiMedia Marketing

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There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you
love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.
~ Wayne Dyer ~