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Emails For All Occasions

Use these useful emails to build your business with 24/7 FastTrack. Feel free to modify the wording slightly to suit your own tastes but keep the message the same.  If you do create new messages, please submit them to the 24/7 Webmaster so that they can be included in this library.

To use these emails, simply click on the links below which will open up the e-mails, then copy and paste into an outgoing message.  Be sure to
change everything in RED and double check to make sure everything is correctly changed before sending.  Also double check the formatting - emails should be neatly formatted to no more that 50 characters per line.  Don't forget to CC your sponsor on all emails.

Warm Market Networking Colleagues  Asking them to take a look.

Bounceback Email  Reply to people who have sent you their business opportunity.

Welcome New Member Send to people who have joined your 24/7 business.

FFA Email about 24/7 Email to send out through the FFAs about 24/7.


More Coming. Check Back Soon!


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