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Email Prospecting & Follow-up!

Email Broadcasting and Autoresponder follow-up is a breeze with Global Responder™. For one low monthly fee, you have access to 400+ professionally designed and written emails.

  • Broadcast emails to your leads!

  • Follow-up automatically for 5+ years!

  • Build multiple income streams simultaneously!

  • Generate automatic enrollments in your business!

  • Automatically add networkers from your landing/capture pages!

  • Contact networkers & opportunity seekers who requested information about your business.

While many so called 'Internet Marketing Gurus' claim to have the most effective system, we believe seeing is believing. To learn more about any of the emails, and see a full size version, click the 'thumbnails' samples below.

These full color, animated HTML emails generate fully automatic enrollments in your business, without any cold calling, meetings, selling, persuading, arm twisting, or rejection.

Email Automation Tools will do most of the repetitive, tedious tasks for you ... without investing any of your time and at a fraction of the cost. Imagine a system that does the busy work for you!

  • Sifting & Sorting - 99.9 % Automated 

  • Contacting - 99.9 % Automated

  • Prospecting - 99.9 % Automated

  • Inviting - 99.9 % Automated 

  • Presenting - 99.9 % Automated 

  • Follow-up - 99.9 % Automated 

  • Closing - 99.9 % Automated  

Automate Today!

Contact your sponsor, The 24/7 Administration at (262) 354-0017 to learn more about using the cutting edge Global Responder System to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!

Don't delay ... automate today!




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