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Articles, tips, and techniques to assist YOU and YOUR team in sponsoring more efficiently and effectively. You'll learn how to add quantity AND quality to your business.

Seven Pitfalls To Avoid
Would you like to know the big secret to getting lucky and hitting it big in network marketing? Here's the real truth behind the success of every top income earner in the industry ....work your tail off!!

Working your tail off means doing all the things everyone else won't do, so you can live the life everyone else doesn't have... click here for complete article »

Are You A Sponsor Or A Recruiter?
Most people get involved in the network marketing industry with the goal of creating “walk-away” residual income. The idea is to build a business that continues to generate income long after you stop working. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave a profitable, absentee ownership business to your children?

The issue is, you cannot create this type of business and legacy by recruiting new members.  You have to sponsor them... complete article »

The Warm List - Your Exclusive Weapon
Many of us have become involved with buying leads, using Internet Marketing systems, sending out postcards, flyers, etc. because we didn’t want to talk to our family and friends. We understand those are all fantastic ways to build your business, but here’s the thing … we have so many products and services to offer the people we care about that can change their lives … regardless of if they’re interested in building a business or not. We owe it to them to share what we have and what we know with them. We should feel obligated to do so because we care about them...  click here for complete article »

Is Marketing Your Business The Right Thing To Do?
Let me start off by asking you a few questions. Do you truly believe in the network marketing industry? Is the belief in your MLM company rock solid?  Do you honestly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can make six figures in this industry ... AND so can others?

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret  If you truly believe that, then you need to go out and build your  business as if you' are unjustly depriving people by not doing everything in your power to get the word out ... complete article here »

10 Tips For Using The Phone 
In the Network Marketing Industry, as in most other businesses, the telephone is one of the most valuable and inexpensive resources available.  Sadly, many networkers under use and misuse this fantastic resource. These 10 simple, practical tips will assist you to in becoming more productive and profitable... complete article here »

Beating The Odds In Network Marketing
The odds are this: Of all the people out there,  5-10% are suited to do this kind of business. Another 10% will use the product and services we have to offer. So that means that 80% of the people are not going to participate in your business by being either a customer or a distributor... complete article »


After careful review of hundreds of home business opportunities, we are proud to include the following companies on our 'Top Picks' List. To be included on this list, each of the companies was evaluated on many criteria including company, management, industry, products, website, compensation plan, and customer service.

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¤ $10 and a Red Ferrari!
This 7-minute movie changed the lives of 1,000s of people in 180 countries. All for less than the price of a pizza!
¤ PROVEN - ETHICAL Internet Business.
One of the FASTEST growing, most successful companies on the Internet. Increase your income! Personal training.
¤ All the industry EXPERTS are here.
Learn while you earn! The top trainer in the field will teach you to profit from the most visited industry website.
¤ Are YOU targeting the right audience?
Learn the secrets of top industry earners. No matter how good your ice cubes are, you can't sell them to Eskimos!
¤ Flash-Splash Customized For YOUR Business!
Our Flash-Splash page is the FIRST "Splash" your visitors see! Increase Your Sign-Up's up to 1600% overnight!
¤ We invented automated sponsoring!
All the tools you need to contact, invite, present, sift & sort, prospect, and follow-up ... without lifting a finger.
¤ Looking for home business?
Starting a business is a major decision. This FREE site has all the information you need to make the right choice!


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