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These articles share the secrets to creating momentum in YOUR business. Once you learn how to sponsor more efficiently and effectively, the key to success is to retain your members and assist them in duplicating. 

Build Your Team With Viral Marketing
There is way too much hype on the Internet today ... and especially about viral marketing. Viral marketing has been around since 1996 but has just recently become the 'sexy' term of the week - we see so many websites touting their amazing, unparalleled viral marketing technology. With so much buzz about  this marketing method, how do you separate the useful information from the hype?  Unfortunately, with so much mis-information on the Internet, it is very difficult to know who and what to believe... click here for complete article »

The A-B-Cs Of Duplication
Duplication – I bet you weren’t too long in the network marketing industry before you began to hear about duplication. Every MLM training seminar, Super Saturday and ”Boot Camp” address the topic of duplication. Ask any top earner and they will include duplication as one of the keys to creating residual wealth. It is universally accepted that duplication is one of the major MLM success factors... complete article »

The Answers To Almost Every MLM Question
Over the past 50 years, network marketers have fallen in line with The 80/20 Rule. In our industry, the 80/20 Rule looks something like this … 20% of networkers generate 80% of the results and earn 80% of the money. The rest are left scratching their heads and asking a whole bunch of questions. This article is going to answer all of those questions and give you the information you need to join the fortunate 20%... complete article »

The Secret To Creating Layers Of Leadership
In order to build a successful home-based networking business, you must develop defined layers of leadership throughout your organization. In network marketing (and most other businesses), it’s all about leverage. To quote billionaire J. Paul Getty, “I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.” Leveraging your time and money is the only way to create true generational wealth... click here for complete article »

Developing layers of leadership in your team is the only sure-fire formula for creating leverage. Without layers of leadership, you will never be able to generate passive (walk away) residual income. Without layers of leadership, the best you can hope for is linear growth (adding new members one at a time) in your business... click here for complete article »

How To Give Your Team CPR
MLM companies and distributors place a major emphasis on sponsoring new members, and rightfully so. Without new members, any business will simple wither and die. With such a heavy focus on recruiting, many network marketers overlook an equally important success factor: distributor retention. It is a well known fact that the longer someone performs specific functions, the more efficient and productive they become... complete article »

The key in network marketing is to keep your team members on your team until they reach a high level of proficiency. You work so hard to sponsor new members on your team. Doesn’t it make sense to work just as hard to keep your new members happy … and make them feel they are an important part of the team? Happy distributors are also more likely to be productive and profitable distributors... complete article »

After careful review of hundreds of home business opportunities, we are proud to include the following companies on our 'Top Picks' List. To be included on this list, each of the companies was evaluated on many criteria including company, management, industry, products, website, compensation plan, and customer service.

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