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How Does Viral Marketing Work?

Viral Marketing owes its name to its ability to multiply, much like a virus. Most viral advertising occurs online. The Internet is the perfect medium for viral marketing because of the speed at which information travels from one person to another. Since the Internet spans the globe, information can pass from computer to computer at cyber speed ... and multiply just as fast.

In the business world, Viral Marketing is the act of providing something of value for FREE. When an individual receives good value at no cost to them, human nature compels them to pass it on to others. Let's say you have a viral website that you share with 10 people, who in turn share it with 10, who in turn share it with 10, the website is now in the hands of 1,000 people around the world. When this type of viral multiplication repeats just 3 more times, an amazing 1 million people will be in front of your website.


If You Start It, They Will Come!

The key to successful viral marketing is to start, or seed, the virus. As long as you provide excellent value, people will naturally share your FREE product/service with their family, friends, and associates. Once you put your website in front of enough of the 'right people', your viral marketing will begin to multiply exponentially  and take on a life of its own.


Viral Marketing & ‘The Big Guys’

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have run (and continue to run) some of the most effective and profitable viral marketing campaigns of all time. Here's a breakdown of how they did it. To penetrate the market quickly, these large companies give away FREE email accounts, which Internet users around the world find very useful. Because the service is free, users invite others to get their own free email accounts.

Before long, millions upon millions of people are using Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail to send and receive email. The customer/end user gets 'something for nothing' and Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have a targeted audience of millions to offer their advertisers at premium rates. They also have a captive audience for 'upselling' other products and services. This business model has given rise to the highly profitable (for Google) Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising method.


Earn Per Click (EPC) Advertising!

With 24/7 FastTrack YOU take center stage, in place of Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft. YOU give away FREE websites & tools to network marketers and Internet marketers. These FREE resources and tools provide excellent value for networkers; they are able to promote their products, services & business seamlessly and simultaneously for FREE.

Because of the excellent value (and zero cost) of these websites, users naturally feel compelled to share them (give them away) to their friends, associates AND downline. When those people pass them on, you will have a very large, targeted audience to advertise to.

Here's where it gets interesting! Instead of selling your captive audience of network marketers to the highest bidder (Pay Per Click) or buying traffic (Pay Per Click), YOU receive FREE advertising on YOUR entire network of FREE sites. This can amount to hundreds, thousands, and in some cases even millions of FREE advertisements for YOUR business(es).  We call it EARN Per Click (EPC) Advertising.



This is a true 'win-win' situation - your customers (networkers) get an amazing viral marketing system for FREE and YOU get massive, laser-targeted FREE advertising. Why would anyone Pay Per Click when they can EARN Per Click?


Can You Give Away 3 FREE Websites?


24/7 FastTrack Site - This amazing multimedia site offers marketers a seamless system for promoting their products, service and business globally. By laser-targeting the right audience, you generate massive exposure for your home Internet business(es). The multimedia viral marketing site presents your business in the best possible light and generates multiple income streams in the process. With optional automated sponsoring tools, you have a fully automated Internet Vending Machine at your disposal.

FREE MLM Resource Center - The best generic MLM training website. This treasure chest of valuable tools offers articles, audio training and FREE resources for the networking community. This popular viral website grows like wildfire because it provides enormous value to your prospects for FREE. The training articles are surrounded by hundreds of dynamic, compelling ads for your business. You grow your business by teaching others how to grow their business.

FREE 24/7 AutoBlog - Blogging is one of the best ways to stay in contact with and "drip market" on your target audience. The issue for most people is they simply don't have the time, knowledge or resources to create/publish a successful blog. Up until now, the best blogs have been reserved for CEOs with PR staffs at their disposal. With 24/7 AutoBlog, you get all the benefits of a cutting-edge blog, without any of the costs. We do all the work; YOU look good!

Who Says You Can't Get Something for Nothing?

Three Cutting-Edge Viral Marketing Websites ... FREE For Life!

Until now, only BIG COMPANIES like Microsoft and Google could benefit from Viral Marketing and the targeted advertising that goes along with it. Now anybody can compete with 'the big boys' while working from home ... without any employees, office, paperwork or overhead. With 24/7 FastTrack, you are in the driver's seat. You control the network (by giving away FREE sites) and you receive the targeted advertising exposure.

  • Target the right audience.
  • Promote your Primary Business(es).
  • Give away 3 Viral Marketing Websites.
  • Receive a sizable portion of the FREE advertising.

The choice is yours ... Pay Per Click or ... EARN PER CLICK.

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