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The diagram below will help you visualize exactly how 24/7 FastTrack works. The system is part science and part art; picture FastTrack like two funnels - with one directly above the other. Over the course of a year, the 'Science' part of the system will provide predictable results. As long as you put in the required time and effort, the system will generate approximately 120-240 automatic enrollments in YOUR business.

As a FastTrack PRO member, you receive 120,000 networker leads each year. We will teach you different techniques to pour those leads into the 'Science Funnel' ... and allow 24/7 FastTrack to do its job. The system does all of the sifting & sorting, contacting & inviting, prospecting & qualifying, and even follow-up & selling.

Step 1
Continuously funnel leads
into your FastTrack System.

Click here for details on the 24/7 Interview Process


Once the system has done it's job and generated automatic enrollments, you and your support team spring into action, using the "Art" or "Interview Funnel." Over the course of a year, as long as you do the necessary work, you will interview approximately 120-240 candidates for leadership positions on your team. This is the "Art" part of the system. While no one can accurately predict when the "right people" will flow into the "Art Funnel"  (the Interview Process), it is reasonable to expect that over the course of a year you will uncover 8-12 solid, committed FastTrack PRO members/leaders for your team.

Important Note: Rather than expecting to sponsor 4 FastTrack members in your first few months, it's wise to plan and budget for 12 months on the FastTrack. In a year's time, with 120,000 networker leads to sift through, you should develop a good core leadership team. The key to success is teaching your members to do the same exact thing and create layers of leadership on your team!

Step 6
Teach your FastTrack PRO members
the exact same process outlined above.

The Interview Process

    • You are interviewing for your Board of Directors.
    • Anybody can do it ... always done as 3-way call.
    • Give out a series of homework assignments.
    • Work only with serious, committed people.
    • Naturally creates layers of leadership.
    • No talking people into anything.
    • No chasing after anybody.
    • Forces duplication.

Most networkers waste much of their valuable time trying to talk the wrong people into joining their business. With 24/7 FastTrack, the 'Science & Art Funnels' assist you in uncovering serious, motivated leaders for your team ... without wasting precious time on the wrong people.


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