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Emails For All Occasions

Use these customized & personalized emails to build your business with 24/7 FastTrack. Feel free to modify the wording slightly to suit your own tastes but keep the message the same.  If you do create new messages, please submit them to the 24/7 webmaster so that they can be included in this library.

To use these emails, simply click on a link below to open the email, then copy and paste into an outgoing message.  Be sure to
change everything in RED
and proofread to make sure everything is correct before sending.  Also double check the formatting - all emails should be neatly formatted to no more that 50 characters per line.  Don't forget to CC your sponsor on all emails.

Bad Phone Number The phone number is wrong or disconnected.

Can't Leave Message No answering machine or voicemail.

Takeaway #1 Member who you haven't been able to contact.

Takeaway #2 Member who looked at homework and doesn't respond.

Broken Appointment Candidate who has broken a scheduled appt.

Touching Base Can't contact a new member by phone.

Free Leads Prospect (not a member) wants to know about free leads.

Send Member To Sites Called Member who isn't familiar with FastTrack.

Schedule 1st Interview Called Member and not a good time to talk.

No Phone Calls Candidate doesn't want to be contacted by phone.

Contact Between Interviews Candidate calls/emails between interviews

24/7 Homework Assignment #1 Confirming Email; FastTrack Training Call.

24/7 Recorded Call Confirming Email - Recorded Training Call info.

Missed Portion of Call Candidate did not listen to entire training call.

Missed Entire Call Candidate emails they missed the training call.

3 Links and Photo Sent to Candidate when setting up a PT System.

Email to Executive Mentor With Candidate's Digital Photo.

Reschedule Appointment Received Links/Photo later than time agreed.

Postpone Appointment Didn't Receive Links or Photo from member.

24/7 Homework Assignment #2 4 Quiz Questions and Prototype System.

Follow-up to Completed Quiz Send when notified of completed quiz.

How 24/7 Works Candidate Requires Additional Homework/Information.

24/7 Investment Overview/Expectations Candidate wants more info.

Won't Develop Budget Member calls/emails and won't develop budget.

24/7 Letter of Understanding To Candidates before joining 24/7 PRO.

Commitment Call Candidate is Ready to Get Started.

Postpone Interview Candidate requires time to complete the interview.

Second Chance Candidate has broken appointments; wants to continue.

Pickup the Interview Candidate wants to look at 24/7 after being away.

Cancel Interview/Cost Candidate wants to cancel appt. over cost.

Due Diligence Candidate looked at 24/7 and they/we are not sure.

Give Me Some Time Candidate wants to enroll but not immediately.

No time for 24/7 Candidate is too busy with their current business(es).

All the Best Candidate feels 24/7 is not right for them at this time.

1st Step Instructions Members who have Pre-Enrolled in PBP

1st Step Instructions Members who have NOT yet Pre-Enrolled in PBP

More Information About 24/7 To 24/7 Candidate (24/7 Free Member)

Free Leads 24/7 Member wants to know how to get their free leads.

Add PBP & Send Download Link For members who Upgrade in PBP

Free Member Enrolls Others For Members who enroll other Members.

Invitation System Informing Members About the Invitation System.

24/7 Phone Follow Up Networkers you've spoken to (not yet members.)

More Information About 24/7 To 24/7 Prospect (not yet a free member.)

Living Abroad Email to prospect who doesn't live in the United States.

FFA/Safelist Email To drive traffic to your 24/7 FastTrack site.

More Info About GDI To a GDI Prospect (Not yet a member.)

GDI Tour Taker Homework After speaking with a GDI tour taker.

1st Step Instructions 24/7 Members who have Pre-Enrolled in PBP

1st Step Instructions 24/7 Members who have NOT Pre-Enrolled in PBP

ProBuilderPlus PreEnrollee PBP PreEnrollees you have spoken with.

FFA/Safelist Email To drive traffic to your ProBuilderPLUS site.

Add PBP & Send Download Link For members who Upgrade in PBP

24/7 Enrollment Setup Instructions for new 24/7 PRO Members.

Training Call Schedule Send to members after system setup is complete.

Launching System System Setup is complete; member is ready to start.

Spillover Notification When new PRO members spill under other members.

Using Gmail Send when your member has used Gmail to send an email.

MyNetworkingPro Emails

Add MNP to the FastTrack Email to 24/7 members who join MNP.

Add MNP & Send Download Link For members who join MNP as Executive

Notify FastTrack Members Of MNP Bonus Offer - Coming Soon!



More Coming. Check Back Soon!


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